Sparta – Jihlava 3: 0, easy win, two goals scored by Lafata

There was no compelling match. In a moderate atmosphere, he lacked more tempo, speed, aggression, but with eight and a half thousand spectators had to be entertained.

The Spartans attacked, the guests moved in the block and concentrated on the defense. The attacks often diverted with the utmost effort and with the help of personal sacrifice, they blocked a lot of shots. The Spartans quite easily created promising opportunities, but they could not use them for a long time. Perhaps mobile betting because they spoiled the pre-final and final pass.

Chances were that Lafata, who headed off, and Václav Kadlec. He did not reach for the centimeter in front of the empty goal.

Even due to an inexperienced ending, the goal was to wait until 30 minutes. Lafata gave him and was his classic.After Marek’s pass was on the ball before Mišun, but headed only to him. Then he moved faster and the free ball shifted to the tip of Hanuš.

It happened shortly after the guests had a tattoo. To the right defender of the Thumbs down, he was alone in front of Koubek, but he hesitated, made a jam, let go of the defending Holko and eventually hit Holzer, who was also able to return. Otherwise the Jihlava were not dangerous, long-time uncertain Spartan defensive failed to believe, mistakes like other opponents did not force her. Its players could not play, they lost duels, they did not have bounces.

And after the break, they did not even defeat. Within ten minutes they gave the two goals and was done.Karavaev made a beautiful 25 meters throw and Lafata showed his next classic. When his team mate Kadlec did not make a solo, the ball was betting analysis scored by goalkeeper Hanuš, who found him.

The Spartans played relaxed, preparing more chances, but throwing them away. Lafata, who in the last match in the spring gave Jihlava five goals, tried in vain to finish the hat-trick.At the end there was neither the exact or alternating Pulkrab, who was throwing Hanuš and the gate, or Václav Kadlec.

Jihlavští at the end were just close to the honor goal when Koubka dropped a light center but the kiks managed to correct and the ball before the striking Dvořák’s lying down.

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